Walk #10: Nob Hill to Kings Heights and Pittock Mansion Loop

On Thursday morning we, once again, packed a breakfast and headed out first thing.  This 4.75 mile loop was a great one.  Most of the walk was through residential neighborhoods with a jaunt into Forest Park for some trails and Pittock Mansion.

We started by Wallace Park and pretty quickly started climbing.001 002

These are quite posh neighborhoods and we passed many nice houses.


We climbed a bunch of steps.


And found our next house.


This house is probably on the lower side of medium for the neighborhood, which makes it right in our price range.


Luckily, I’m actually very happy in our condo and don’t really wish to live in a big place with so much upkeep.  I guess if you can afford this place, you can afford to pay people to keep it up for you, as well, but still.  I love our little place.

Because the hill sides are so steep and developers are trying to build everywhere, here, as in many of our other hill walks, many houses are on elaborate stilts.


While it doesn’t seem to have come across very well in the picture here, this was one of my favorite houses in the neighborhood.


As we made our way up, we went on little paths and even more stairs.

005 014

After some trail hiking, we made it to Pittock Mansion.  You can tour Pittock Mansion, which I’ve never actually done.  I hear it’s best to do during the holidays, as they do all sorts of Christmas decorations.  The house was built between 1909 and 1914 by Henry Pittock – a newspaper man – who obviously did well for himself.  He and his wife had 7 kids, but didn’t build this home until after they were grown.  Two of them, however, ended up living with them here along with their kids, so the two of them weren’t rattling around in their themselves.

I didn’t take any pictures of the mansion myself, as the exterior is scaffolded right now for maintenance, but here’s a borrowed picture for you.

We just went right around to the back, as the grounds are all accessible to the public, for lovely views and our picnic breakfast.

016 017 020 022 024

After our repast, we nearly immediately left Forest Park and went into a residential area, where we enjoyed looking at more houses and, of course, stairs.

025 027

It was another lovely walk!  There were so few from this book we didn’t like.  To anyone else looking to do one of Laura Foster’s books in total, so far, I’d recommend this one!



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