Walk #11: Sellwood Riverfront to Johnson Creek Loop (sort of)

As it turns out, we only did half of this walk.  We decided that we’d make Thursday a two walk day by going in the evening, after work, for the second walk.  Davan packed a dinner and she and Anthony picked me up after work and we were off.

However, the walk presented challenges.  We started out right down by the Willamette River at Sellwood Riverfront Park.  The plan, in the book, is to walk along the river bank.  The water was too high for that, so we ended up backtracking and walking on the Springwater Corridor, which is a mixed use path.  However, it is too busy with bikes to really feel like a nice walk, at least in my opinion.  Not that I don’t think bikes should be there.  I use it all the time for biking myself, but it wasn’t a lovely walk.


Fine, really, but not a highlight.  Then we joined back up with the walk to enter Oak’s Bottom, a wildlife refuge.  That was fine…but the path up the hill to Sellwood Park that we were supposed to take is no longer there.  So, we wandered about for a while, trying to figure it out.  We did, eventually, get up into Sellwood Park, where we decided the full walk just wasn’t going to happen that evening.

We had our dinner at a picnic table, followed by a little playing at the park.  I have no idea why there are no pictures from that part of the evening, which was lovely.  Ah well.  Then we did the tail end of the loop – what we were calling the bottom half – and headed home.

The full walk is 3.75 miles and we probably walked about 2.5, but only about 1.5 of the actual walk.  The other 2.25 would have to wait for another day.


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