Walk #13: Willamette Cove to Saint Johns Bridge Loop

We set off Saturday morning after breakfast to do this 3.5 mile walk with the plan of following it up with another walk just after.  The second walk was the one I referenced a while by that involves a bus ride.  We went another way with it, though.  Anthony joined us for this walk, bringing his bike along.  He then dropped us off at the beginning of the second walk and then parked the car at the end of that walk so we could just drive home rather than take the bus.  He then went for a bike ride.

First, though, we did this walk.  We started in St Johns (a neighborhood), walking toward a view point of the Saint John’s Bridge.


Anthony and I often ride our bikes across the Saint John’s bridge and back through this area, but it was interesting to travel it on foot and to discover some interesting places.


We soon came to a view point of the next bridge to the south, which is the railroad bridge.


After this view point, we started descending.  Okay, typing that sentence made me realize I wasn’t quite accurate when I said that there was only one walk that started high and went low.  This one does, as well.  The elevation change isn’t as great, but still.


The above path took us down to the Willamette Cove greenspace.  This area is a Superfund site, administered by the Environmental Protection Agency, which means that there is extreme pollution here to be cleaned up.  It’s okay to walk in, but it’s not recommended that you let your kids dig in the dirt here.  The toxins in the area are from when a creosoting company was in business here from 1944 to 1991.  The problem was noticed in 1988 when kids wading in the area suffered from chemical burns.  Bummer.

The area is pretty, though.

004 006 016

Davan enjoyed the railroad tracks.


And a graffiti-ed wall.


We walked along a path through the greenspace, emerging in the campus for the Water Pollution Control Laboratory.  In addition to work they do analyzing local water, they have 6.5 acres of native landscaping, architecture that demonstrates ways to save energy and use of bioswales for water run off plus some water-related sculptures, such as this one that inspired Davan to create an on the spot dance.

A short walk on an actual street then lead us to Cathedral Park, which is located underneath the Saint John’s Bridge.  We’d never been to it before, either, and discovered a treasure.  There is a pier that goes out over the water, under the bridge.  Davan and I always like going out on top of the water like that.  Anthony thought it was okay, too.  😉

031 032 036 2013-06-082

When we were done with the pier, the walk lead us through the part and pack up to the heart of Saint John’s.  We walked along a street of shops and restaurants for a while, coming to the farmer’s market.  There was hunger in amongst the troops again and a desire for something savory, rather than fruit, so we picked up a pretzel each and a lime-aide to quench our thirst.


Then we were back to the car and off for our next walk.


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