Walk #14: Linnton to Forest Park

This 4 mile walk is a one way walk mostly in Forest Park, which means mostly trails.  Anthony dropped us off at the start and drove off, which was a little odd-feeling, as we were at the end of this very rural seeming road, but we had faith that it would work out.  While Davan and I had both been feeling a little drained at the end of the previous walk, our spirits boosted as we started walking through Forest Park.  They boosted so much that we even did a little trail running just for fun.
The walk started off on a dirt road, which lead us steeply uphill to Lief Erikson Dr.


Lief Erikson Dr is a dirt/gravel road that is now a bike/walking path which is 11 miles long with plenty of width for all comers.  It was built in 1914 and 1915  with the intention of building subdivisions along it  However, it proved prone to washouts and too difficult to maintain.  It became a Depression era work relief project at which time it was graded and graveled, but slides again made it impassible for cars.

At the end of Lief Erikson, we took a firelane steeply down, down, down.


We were all alone, so we let Ranger off leash for a bit to romp.


After a while, it seemed like we were starting to come to civilization again, so I leashed her back up.  Shortly after that, we came across three kids, ranging in age from about 3 to about 6 at best out with their labradoodle puppy all on their own.  Their dog became really interested in Ranger and moved on down the trail with us, causing the children to come along.  It became apparent that they lived in the house right at the terminus of the fire lane.

I have really mixed feelings about this encounter.  I love the idea of giving kids the freedom to explore and, for these kids, this was probably like an extension of their backyard.  On the other hand, they seemed pretty young for the responsibility of an off leash puppy on a trail open for public use.  I’m still conflicted.

With this, we were in Linnton, which is older than Portland by a couple of years and vied to be the preeminent port on the Willamette.  That would have meant that we’d all be living in a town called Linnton.  It’s now part of Portland, but not much on the radar, which is interesting as it’s really close, but has this small town feel.

After reaching the freeway and sea level, we climbed some stairs back up and through more of Linnton before dropping back down to the freeway and the car.  We just had time to go home, have a bite to eat and shower before picking up a few Zig Zags and heading to another of the Zig Zag’s graduation party.  Whew.


2 thoughts on “Walk #14: Linnton to Forest Park

  1. This walk looks gorgeous! I love the picture of Davan walking and reading. So jealous that you can let Ranger off his leash! Nomad would be gone in a second.

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