Signing Off

I’ve been giving it some thought and I’ve decided to stop blogging.  I hadn’t been doing such a great job of it anyway, and then this summer was kind of crazy busy with trying to pack in a whole year’s worth of experience into one summer that I never got a chance to blog about the super fun things we did, even though I was creating blog posts in my head.  Added to that was the fact that Davan asked me to not take as many pictures and be more in the moment.  I did.  I feel ambivalent about that.  I like having the pictures, but it was also nice to just not worry about the camera very much.  I did take some.  It’s not a totally undocumented summer.

Now, to add the kicker, my best subject is off in Oman for a year.  If you haven’t already, go check out her blog.  She’s done one entry in country now.  I’m hoping for more soon.  Several of the other YES Abroad Omani young ladies also have blogs.  A couple of them have posted in country, also.  If you want to know more about the adventure overall, check them out, too.  There’s Strawberry Blond Abroad, Talya in Oman, Nantucket to Oman, and The Curly Muscateer.

While I’m at it, let me share one more.  This YES Scholar isn’t going to Oman.  She’s going to Turkey.  I’m sharing hers, though, because she and Davan met while flying to the ISPE (the first trip to DC for interviews and stuff) and have become friends.  She’s not in country yet – the Turkey folks leave next week, but here’s her blog, too.  Subterranean Homeskick Linguist.

For any of you who are still coming around after all my sporadicness of the last many months, thanks.  If you’d like to keep up contact and we don’t already, leave a comment and we’ll exchange emails.


One thought on “Signing Off

  1. Only some kind of nut blogs every day anyway.
    Is it okay to put a link to Davan’s blog on my sidebar, or would you prefer that I not do so?

    And you know I’ve been reading your blog, although it’s hard for me to keep up with ANYTHING lately. Lots going on that I can’t blog about, but if you guessed hostile work environment/schizo boss you’d probably be somewhere close.

    How are you going to stand A WHOLE YEAR without your girl???
    MY GOD.

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